Free standing displays are an inexpensive marketing asset

Free standing displays are an inexpensive marketing asset that delivers stylish promotional and informational messages in a tiny footprint. The most useful sign holders is the display stand that is not only adaptable, but also practical and reliable.
To combat most weather conditions our outdoor sign stands come with weighted bases, water and sand fillable bases or opportunities for pegging the display stands into the ground. A popular freestanding sign holder stand from our range is our Outdoor Sign Stand Freestanding Heavy Base. Fantastic for outdoor events, direction signs, car parking signs and promotional messages.

Ideal for point of sale promotions, exhibitions and trade shows. Poster display racks, poster holders and freestanding poster displays. We have a poster display for any requirement and options for all the popular poster sizes. We also offer custom printed posters to go with your display stand to promote you own message or branding
Floor standing poster snap frames are a front loading type of floor sign holder. They are ideal for more prestigious applications such as lobby sign stands. Some models have an angled floor stand while others are adjustable. We have a very comprehensive range of Floor standing poster holders.These are available with A4 or A3 size frames – the snap-open snap-shut type which makes inserting your message so easy.